where i work

coming from Computer Science backgroud i kept exploring various oppurtunities . I started freelancing in my 2nd year of my college and continued it for 2+ years till i started into my one of my full time roles. I also did some contract position. I have listed which i can share and others had NDA so cannot share much.

I have worked with various people across various timezones & have been a great experiences with the mixture pros & cons .

Keysight Technolgies
Bharg Technologies
BlissLife App

UX Developer - Consultant

Hyderabad , India


  • - work on building web ui day in and out.
  • - write modern , maintainable & accesible code for a diverse projects.
  • - write upon varieties of technoliges and frameworks such as React , Angular , Sass etc.
  • - web should be accessible to everyone , also focuses on the accessibilty , reponsiveness , inclusiveness etc.

R&D Intern

Kolkata , India

  • - Worked with the CloudPeak team which allows to test the IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) and draw conclusions about it.
  • - Worked on various automations and style modification.
  • - wrote frontend xml frameworks for styling display..

Android Engineer

Kyiv , Ukraine

  • - worked on the main Android App
  • - implemented subscription model for the company.
  • - implemented video compression & playing mechanism for excercises.
  • - designed high quality android app which runs the entire revenue model of the company.

Fullstack Developer

Schwyz, Switzerland

  • - worked on main Android App and Backend Features.
  • - wrote microservices which can be integreted to different platforms & services to have a central platform.
  • - converted the design into Apps & Websites.
  • - worked directly with founders to bring startup into life.

Fullstack Developer

Schwyz, Switzerland

  • - worked on design architecure of the platform from scratch.
  • - building android apps and various marketing website of the platform to onbaord users.
  • - work with the designers to bring design concepts to real apps.
  • - Also worked on developing entire backend.