the youtube fairly tail


- I was always passionate about teaching and being a mentor to someone , seeing someone to acheive something great in life. ”The best ever gift to teacher”.

how it started ?

- I have been always a forward looking person to the new challenges and try out new things to learn and grow. Back to school and colleges where i used grasp the concept early and boom teach same things to my friends in some easier and friendly manner where they understood better. So everyday after exam , my friends used to tell me : “Bhai tere padhaya kaam aa gaya” (In Eng : “You teachings worked out”) .

Then i move into the a coding club as well in my college where i used to teach students programming and guide them too. It was the fantastic journey so far but after getting into job also i wanted to follow my passion of teaching and as of now YouTube is one the best platform to reach broader and needy students.

So i started the my YouTube channel and continue it by posting almost 2 videos every week.

Also i am trying to combine my film making interest to coding to bring something new on the table. ( Checkout storytelling section)

Passion : I am passionate about teaching and mentoring.

Need : I feel that anyone could achieve more in life if they have mentor guiding them .

Action : my YouTube Channel


Rohan Prasad

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